8. Uluslararasi Hukuk Sempozyumu

Writing and Publishing Principles

For symposium papers, Sobiad writing-publishing principles will be taken as basis. Abstracts must consist of a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 300 words. Keywords also must be included. The English title, abstract and keywords can be, optionally, added to the non-English abstracts.

Page layout of the papers that will be submitted to the system  must be according to the following rules:

Paper Size: A4 Portrait

Top Margin: 3 cm

Bottom Margin: 3 cm

Left Margin: 3 cm

Right Margin: 3 cm

Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12 for title, 11 for abstract and text, 9 for footnotes

Paragraph Spacing: 6 pt

Line Spacing: 1.15 in text, 1 in footnotes